There is no better time than now to critically look at one’s landscape with respect to how it impacts our environment.  Blue Door Garden Design began creating gardens in a hot interior climate, 70 miles east of the Pacific coast.  Considering the distance from the ocean, it seemed too far to ever see landscape run-off water from an interior valley make its way to the ocean.  However, the concrete waterways leading to our precious ocean always, contain runoff contaminants and irrigation water.

After realizing that excess irrigation and its contaminants end up in our ocean, Ramie took a critical look at designing with the environment in mind.  From the base plan up, landscape space is designed with source water, drainage and eliminating runoff as the most important factors.  Responsible use of site specific topography and dry stream beds to retain and slow water movement are primary goals with respect to drainage.

Function, flow and appropriateness to architecture are the next priority in Blue Door Garden Design’s landscaping philosophy.  Outdoor space can look exquisite, but it must fit the style of the home and the function and utility of those who use it.  Time is spent with clients examining and discussing the intention and purpose of a newly designed space.

Careful plant choices are essential to landscape design.  In addition to using California native plants in designs, Ramie chooses plants that are native to areas of the world that have similar cool, wet winters and hot, dry summers. By responsible plant selection, we can adhere to principals of lower maintenance gardens with less water usage and runoff.  Many different styles of gardens can be designed utilizing these plants.

Blue Door Garden Design’s essential goal is to create functional, attractive and ecologically responsible landscapes for clients to enjoy and experience the uniqueness of their private outdoor space.