Step 1: Consultation

Let’s talk vision.

Step 1 is a consultation meeting. The designer will come to your proposed project site and discuss the scope of the project or a wish list and look at inspiration photos you may have collected. This is a meeting where all parties involved in the decision making should be present to share ideas and goals to assure that everyone’s needs get addressed in the design process. Rarely are specific plants discussed at this meeting, but instead ergonomics and function of the given space to be designed. We will discuss design style and preferred hardscape materials. Finally, this meeting will discuss budget and timeline for the scope of the project. Following the meeting, the designer will send a proposal and a contract will be signed if all are in agreement. This meeting is a one hour meeting and costs $105.00.

Step 2: Site Plan & Concept Development

Seeing the possibilities and moving forward with details.

Step 2 is obtaining either a site survey from a civil engineer/surveyor or site analysis and mapping by the designer if property boundaries are clear. Once the mapping is done, a site plan can be drawn and concept development can begin. The designer will present 2 design ideas on the site plan and all parties will meet to discuss and choose a direction to take the design. The designer will produce a concept drawing based on feedback from the concept development meeting and the client will agree to move forward with drawings for that concept or change directions and discuss more ideas. These meetings are intended to produce a dialogue for the designer to understand the client’s desires and ultimately have a plan and garden that reflects the same. The duration of the planning process is dependent on the scope of the project and the clarity of the project vision. Most plans require at least 2 one hour meetings to develop the concept and flow of the design. The price for planwork varies based on details of the project and the number of pages required. A good time estimate would be 2-4 months for this step.

Step 3: Approval and Permits

Let’s make this garden happen.

Step 3 is presenting the finished plans, which can include lighting, construction, irrigation, planting and building detail pages.  With plans in hand we can begin obtaining the necessary permits and approvals to install the new garden.  Some projects can be approved by county planning and building departments in one step, but often times planning approval may take 2-4 weeks and then building approval may take another 2- 4 weeks.