Asian Inspired Place of Respite

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About This Project
The desire for this garden renovation was to remove a thatch lawn and vegetable garden and make a place of respite.

Create a space that had visual interest deep into the garden with several views from within the garden.


The garden is bordered by a guest cottage, tool shed, neighbor garage and the two-story residence; basically a box.

There were several pieces of existing garden art to be worked into the plan, including a large Buddha and a steel kinetic piece. The design had to draw the eye out and give opportunity to see different views from all sides.

Materials Used
Concrete Pavers, ⅜” crushed Granite, River Cobble
Plants Included
Rhamnus, Ceanothus, Lomandra, Arbutus, Succulents, Bidens, Otatea, Acorus, Chondropetulum