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Welcome!  We want to help you realize your dream garden, whether it involves simply adding new plant material to an existing well designed garden or completely renovating your outdoor space to something more sustainable, functional and inviting.

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Our Philosophy

Our approach to landscape design and installation utilizes basic principles of the ‘Watershed Approach’.  Every outdoor space can be treated as its own watershed and have high and low points which allow for capture of water flow.  Our emphasis is creating sustainable gardens that encourage habitat, conserve resources and improve soil retention while improving the functionality of the garden.  Our plant selection is primarily California and Mediterranean-climate native plants from regions with similar weather patterns to our own here on the central coast of California.  These areas include South Africa, New Zealand and Australia

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Latest Projects


A New Focal Point

This garden includes a new permeable patio and fountain to view from all rooms in their wrap around hacienda style house.


Pets in the Garden

This garden was a completely new garden from a blank slate building renovation.  The family and pet are quiet active and require space to run and play.


Asian Inspired Place of Respite

The desire for this garden renovation was to remove thatch lawn and garden planting squares and make the space a respite instead of insightly.

APLD California takes a watershed approach

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  • Water Conservation

    We are minimizing the use of water in our designs and projects through less turf and more climate appropriate plants. We install rain sensors on all irrigation systems and do everything we can to capture and keep runoff water on the property.

  • Responsible Products

    We use point source drip irrigation for all planting areas – Netafim and Landscape Products. We use low voltage LED Lighting – Vista, FX Luminaire and SPJ Lighting. We use OMRI rated compost, mycorrrhizal inoculum and Kelloggs organic products.

  • Drought Resistance

    We purchase Mediterranean-climate and California Native drought resistant plants from Monterey Bay, Lakeside, Drought Resistant and Rana Creek and Western Tree Nurseries

  • Custom Design & Planning

    We understand Monterey County and Carmel City Planning and Building codes and the process necessary to design and plan accordingly. We will obtain your approval and permit to start your project. MAWA (Maximum Applied Water Allowance) calculations are done when required.