Pets in the Garden

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About This Project
This rear garden had been a dog run with an old deck, boulders and mulch.  With a reverse floor plan in the house, the clients wanted to look down on something more pleasant but also functional for the two active golden retrievers.
  • Well designed view from above
  • Dog friendly and tolerant plants
  • Private area for visiting guests to sit
  • Stone landing and stairs
  • Lean, sandy soil was enhanced by adding several yards of compost.
  • Flat linear topography was changed by cutting the walkway into the garden and mounding up on the sides to create a more enveloping and intimate feeling garden.
  • The sitting area was created by mounding soil and boulders around a lower area.
Materials Used
3/8” California Gold crushed granite, buckskin flagstone and redwood mulch
Plants Included
Grevillea, Podocarpus, Lomandra, Lavender, Phormium, Rhamnus